(Extremely) Limited Edition Clever Girl Fixed Blade


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When the special Veterans Day run of Clever Girls was designed we ordered several thousand be made. When it was almost time to bring the design to market the manufacturing people sent us a small sample order of them to use to promote the run to our distributors. This is how every run goes. However that first teaser batch did not have the Veff Serrations that the run was to carry. So they were not going to be offered for sale. However you guys know I cant stand a good knife to sit idle so I got them to give me a box of them and I am offering them for sale here. They still have the blue and black handle scales of the rest of the run but they still have the un serrated blade. I have 10 of them and as far as I know that is all that will ever exist. If you want one I am selling them for just the normal MSRP of a Clever Girl Fixed blade on the CRKT website. First come first serve.


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